Officers utilize the most sophisticated surveillance equipment available on the market today, some of which has been developed here at the sheriff's office by the division's own in-house technician. 

Officers are available twenty-four hours a day for receiving complaints and intelligence information on known and suspected drug traffickers and also assisting other agencies with related investigations. 

Officers also participate in an aggressive "Domestic" or home grown and In-Door marijuana eradication program which has become an ever increasing problem in Florida due to federal enforcement efforts on our country's borders wishing to smuggle narcotics and other illegal substances into this country and Bay County. 

Eight officers within the division are Methamphetamine Clan Lab Certified. Special Investigations has one officer that is assigned to the DEA Task Force who actively works Federal Cases along with the Local DEA Office. Officers work closely with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement on the majority of cases worked with in Bay County.

The Bay County Sheriff's Office and its S.I.D. investigators are active members in the Florida Sheriff's Association Statewide Task Force. The sheriff's statewide task force is able to draw manpower and material assistance from sheriff's offices throughout the state through mutual aid agreements and other cooperative endeavors. 

They also share intelligence and other assets in this enforcement effort. It is very important in the field of drug enforcement that information on these types of criminal activities and violators be shared within the law enforcement community to better track these people. 

The Special Investigations Division often acts on information provided by concerned citizens, anonymous Crime Stopper tips and other confidential sources to locate the source of these problems and bring them to an end.

Rev 06/01/2023