The Warrants Section has eight (8) Warrants Investigators, seven (7) In-House Deputies, four (4) Prisoner Extradition/Transportation Deputies and four (4) Warrants Clerks.

The Warrants Division operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  The Warrants Investigators are tasked with the duties to locate and arrest wanted persons residing in Bay County.  These warrants may be issued in local courts or the courts of other counties and states.  In 2009 the Warrants Division served in excess of 2,280 Criminal Warrants, 4,894 Misdemeanor Warrants, 3,436 Felony Warrants and 1,060 Criminal Summons. 

In 2009 these Deputies collected in excess of 1 million dollars in bonds, fines, and purges for the court.  These Deputies took over 26,000 inmates to court for their first appearance before a local judge.  The In-House Deputies are also responsible for running breath tests on suspected driving under the influence defendants.  The Deputies ran 152 of these tests in 2009.  In addition they ran Criminal History queries on over 18,500 individuals. 

The Warrants Section is responsible for ensuring the quality of information contained in various Federal, State and local Law Enforcement databases. Much of their work involves the entry and quality control of information that is entered in systems such as the Florida Crime Information Center (FCIC) and the National Crime Information Center (NCIC).

The Warrant Clerks are the heart beat of the Warrants Division.  They receive warrants on a daily basis (Felony, Misdemeanors, Juvenile Pick up orders, Summons) upon receipt all documents are entered and scanned into the Records Management system.  Documents are also entered into the Florida Crime Information Center and National Crime Information Center databases and validated monthly to insure the information was entered accurately.  The Warrants Division receives approximately 80 new warrants each day, with arrests being made daily the number of active warrants change constantly. 
The clerks answer all phone and radio calls regarding any questions or the confirmation of warrants.  At all times the clerks assist the Warrants Investigators with the front counter in helping he citizens with questions.  It is the responsibility of the Warrant Clerks to create the wanted posters for the Crime Stoppers publication with ten new wanted subjects are entered weekly.