Extraditions and Transportation Section

The Extradition Coordinator’s duties consist of four parts. First, to act as a liaison between the Bay County Sheriffs Office and other law enforcement agencies as well as communicating information to the Department of Corrections Statewide in the return of wanted persons to Bay County.

Second, to assist agencies outside of Bay County with the return of wanted persons currently incarcerated in the Bay County Jail to their original jurisdictions.

Third, to coordinate with the court system in the transport of persons currently incarcerated outside of Bay County for court hearings via court ordered transports. Finally, to transport persons sentenced via the court to the Florida Department of Corrections or other type programs.

Transportation deputies assist the extraditions coordinator in the movement of incarcerated persons in and out of the Bay County Jail.  Their job primarily consist of the following: transporting persons to and from the Florida Department of Corrections, transporting wanted persons back to Bay County from Law Enforcement agencies outside of Bay County, to assist outside Law Enforcement agencies with transportation of wanted persons back to their jurisdiction.