July 24, 2019

The Bay County Sheriff’s Office announced the arrest of Justin Scott Davis this morning after his victim reported to BCSO Criminal Investigations he sexually battered her in front of her minor children.

The victim reported to investigators that the sexual battery incident took place on June 25, 2019, in front of her children. After this, one of her children began to change his behavior, alerting the babysitter that something traumatic had happened. When the babysitter spoke with the victim, the victim disclosed to the babysitter the details of the incident.

Over the July 4th weekend, the victim stated that she and Davis had a verbal argument. David threw her on the floor and straddled her, strangling her. One of the children ran up to Davis and hit him with a spoon. David struck the child twice before putting the child outside the residence and locking the door. He continued to strangle the victim until he suddenly stopped and became apologetic.

After the July 4th incident, the victim reached out to the babysitter, asking for help to take the children and go to a safe place. Once there, the victim became convinced she needed to report the incidents to law enforcement. Despite the passage of time since the last incident, the victim still had significant bruising on her person, which was documented.

 Justin Scott Davis, age 29, of Panama City, was charged with Sexual Battery, Domestic Violence; Battery by Strangulation, Domestic Violence; Battery, Domestic Violence; and Child Abuse.


Prepared by R. Corley

Information by Inv. A. Burnette

Approved by Chief J. Heape