Two Arrested for Impersonating Law Enforcement




March 6, 2019

Two men have been arrested by the Bay County Sheriff’s Office for impersonating law enforcement while shooting into a home in Youngstown.

On February 20, the residents returned home at 11133 Merlin Road and observed two men on their property shooting into a barn. When the couple approached them, the men were dressed “like law enforcement” in black pants, black shirts with bullet proof vests, and firearms in holsters on their hips. The shirts appeared to have patches on the shoulders. The couple stated the men claimed they had permission to be on the property and that they worked for code enforcement. Then they stated they worked for a local police department. One of the men provided a business card for a man that owned a security company. The men identified themselves as Officer Allen and Officer Jones.

The residents also observed the glass in the back door of their own home was broken. The two men denied shooting into the home and accompanied the couple into the home, stating they would take pictures to document multiple bullet holes in the home. After this, the men fled in a small silver Chevy sedan, heading northbound on Hwy 231.

BCSO Criminal Investigations and the Crime Scene Unit responded to the scene to document the evidence and continue the investigation. The man on the business card was contacted and was able to lead investigators to De’Vonte Allen. Allen used to work for his security company on a temporary basis back in September of 2018. Allen had posted on social media several videos of him and a man, later identified as Sergio Junior Otano, lining bottles up next to a barn at 11133 Merlin Drive in Youngstown and shooting at them.

Investigators learned that Allen owned a silver 2017 Malibu like the sedan described by the residents on Merlin Drive. The local law enforcement agency the men claimed to be employed by confirmed the two men did not work for them. Investigators learned that Allen and Otano were currently working for a local security company and a supervisor confirmed it was Sergio Otano and De’Vonte Allen in the videos posted on social media. Both men had applied to work for a federal agency doing security work in Bay County. 

Warrants for De’Vonte Allen were issued by the BCSO and he was arrested in Seminole County, Florida, and will be extradited to Bay County. Contact was made with Sergio Otano in Bay County on March 3, 2019, and he was arrested. Both have been charged with Trespassing on Property (Armed), Impersonating a Law Enforcement Officer, Criminal Mischief-$1000 or more, and Firing a Missile into a Dwelling.




Prepared by R. Corley

Information by Inv. B. Roberts

Approved by Sheriff T. Ford