Hurricane Michael






Oct. 08, 2018

Employees at the Bay County Sheriff’s Office continue preparations today for the anticipated landfall of Hurricane Michael. 


Sheriff Tommy Ford has placed deputies on 12 hour shifts beginning tomorrow morning at 6am. All leave has been cancelled. Deputies will be patrolling in zones until such time weather conditions make it too dangerous to be on Bay County roads.


Mandatory evacuations for Flood Zones A, B, and C begin at 6am Tuesday, October 9, 2018. To find out what zone you live in, visit this website: Bay County Sheriff’s Office deputies will be patrolling neighborhoods, making announcements about the evacuation.


“For those considering evacuation, I can’t stress strongly enough the importance of leaving as early as possible,” Sheriff Tommy Ford said. “Those that can leave today should do so. Evacuation routes can quickly turn into traffic nightmares. Please evacuate now.”

The BCSO will continue to patrol evacuated neighborhoods to discourage criminal activity.

The BCSO continues to work closely with area Police Chiefs and Bay County Emergency Management to keep residents of Bay County as safe as possible.


When making safety plans for your family, be aware that when weather conditions make driving too hazardous, deputies will not be able to respond to any calls for service until weather conditions permit. It is impossible to predict when this will occur or how long it will last.


Once driving conditions are safe, deputies will immediately resume responding to calls for service. Our first priority remains the safety and security of the residents of Bay County.


Prepared by R. Corley

Information by Sheriff T. Ford

Approved by Sheriff T. Ford