Two Suspects Arrested For Sex With Minors



Sept. 13, 2018

The Bay County Sheriff’s Office announced the arrest of two local men after a juvenile disclosed they paid her for sex. During the course of the investigation, it was learned one of the suspects had victimized another juvenile.


The Panama City Police Department was investigating an unrelated case when they encountered a juvenile who disclosed to them she had been having a sexual relationship with two adult males. The incidents took place in the county, so the information was given to BCSO Criminal Investigations.


Contact was made with the victim and an interview was conducted by the Gulf Coast Children’s Advocacy Center. The victim disclosed that Michael Hunt, aka Miguel Cassaderea, age 53, had originally approached her to offer her a job at his business called Polecats. They began a sexual relationship after that. Investigators spoke to witnesses that told them Hunt would come to the victim’s home almost daily to pick her up. The victim stated they would drive to an apartment parking lot and engage in sex and Hunt would pay her. Michael Hunt is a registered sex offender with similar charges in the past.


Investigators spoke with Hunt who denied knowing the victim. Hunt, of 2210 E. 9th Street, Panama City, was arrested on September 12, 2018, and charged with Unlawful Sexual Activities With Certain Minors.




Also during the interview conducted by GCCAC, the same victim gave information concerning a barber at a barbershop in the Panama City Mall named Jervonte Johns, age 24, of 2853 Harrison Avenue. The victim stated Johns gave her a pill which made her feel intoxicated. He then drove her in his car to an isolated area, possibly on Highway 20, and forced her to engage in a sexual act. He also paid her.


Another BCSO Criminal investigator aware of these cases realized that Johns was a suspect he had been trying to locate and identify. In this investigation the victim, also a juvenile, has stated she had engaged in sexual relations with a man she knew only as Jervonte that lived in an apartment complex at 2852 Harrison Avenue, and worked as a barber.


Contact was made with Johns today and he was arrested and charged with Unlawful Acts with Certain Minors and Lewd and Lascivious Molestation.