The Bay County Sheriff’s Office Mounted Posse is combined of sworn law enforcement officers and civilian personnel who wish to volunteer their time and resources in the support of this specialty unit.

The desire of the Bay County Sheriff’s Office is to utilize civilian volunteers to support law enforcement in their duties and functions and to serve as a valuable resource in providing services to the community.

Civilian volunteers are not intended to substitute for sworn law enforcement officers, therefore the Sheriff’s Office prohibits the assignment of any volunteers to duties requiring sworn duty status. However, numerous details are available wherein the Posse will be liberally utilized.

Working details will include search rides to: look for stolen property, search and rescue for lost children or missing persons, drug surveillance looking for clandestine labs/marijuana fields/etc., minimal provision of non-medical assistance to injured or those in need during natural disasters and ride around waterways to look for drowning victims.

Of course there will be plenty of fun details to include: social trail rides, public fun days, school appearances in conjunction with SRDs and DARE officers to let children have a hands experience on with the Sheriff’s Office Mounted Posse and other activities as requested.

All volunteers will receive specific training in the areas of interest and when available advanced training may be provided. Training will be provided through the Sheriff’s Office at no cost to the volunteer.

Civilian volunteers serve at the pleasure of the Sheriff and do not receive any salary or benefits except worker’s compensation coverage which is effective during the time of active participation in an assigned Sheriff’s Office function.

For more information contact Sgt. Jim Jenkins at (850) 747-4700, ext. 2300, email