Court Protection Unit - Main Court House

This unit is responsible for the protection of five (5) Circuit Judges, four (4) County Judges, one (1) Chief Judge and the safety of the court staff and citizens at the main courthouse. These deputies are also responsible for the security of defendants brought to the courthouse who are incarcerated at the Bay County Jail. During 2009 these deputies provided security for over 50,000 criminal proceedings and over 7,000 civil hearings, served 420 arrest warrants and made 485 arrests.

The Courthouse Deputies duties include the operation of the security screening check points at the entrances to the courthouse and the court annex, providing bailiff's services for the circuit and county judges, courtroom security and operation of the courthouse detention facility used to hold in-custody defendants awaiting their appearance before the judges.

Additionally, the deputies respond to any disturbances or criminal offenses that occur at the courthouse. These Deputies complete investigations into criminal offenses and make arrests when appropriate. The Deputies also transport any subject to the jail who is arrested for a violation of law or a criminal warrant at the courthouse